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Chi Harmony PRO (CHP) guides you step-by-step through a basic vocabulary of alternating positions, weight-bearing stances and transitions for releasing tension down deep - from the hands, arms, neck and shoulders, hips and legs - and that when practiced in coordination with breathing, further stabilizes posture, increasing mobility, strength and flexibility of the spine. Here is a simple exercise to demonstrate the basic principle. Try it and see.

Keep both feet down, together or an inch or two apart, in parallel position. Shift weight side-to-side. Connect rate and length of transition to each inhalation/exhalation, breathing fully but comfortably through the nose:

1. Load weight completely on standing leg without lifting opposite foot. Exhale fully and relax (like you're waiting for the bus).

2. Inhale shifting weight to the opposite leg. Load weight fully with exhalation and relax.

3. Continue shifting to opposite side with inhalation.

Emphasize complete exhalation by contracting abdominal wall - squeeze all the air out. Regulate full inhalation evenly across the transition from point A to B. Once you get the hang of it, relax and count 3 to 5 breaths on each side before moving on. Believe it or not, you are doing yoga.


image CHP intensifies this effect by employing a rotational dynamic, back and forth and up and down, along the three major axes of the body. The center of rotation, points of balance and sequence are connected and held together for you. You coordinate transitions and breathing as in the example above and CHP does the rest.

Take a look next at stretching & isometrics - representing the basic upper-body vocabulary and core progression of all CHP (and Spyrotone) exercise, which you will eventually incorporate with stances & transitions to develop a comprehensive, freeform routine of your own.

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"Form is a process that serves you, not an adornment you bring back to hang on your wall." - Chungliang Al Huang
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